In the trickiest of circumstances, the Year 8 and Year 9 Companies of the Junior School Play, Haroun and the Sea of Stories have kept rehearsing ahead of their Junior School play.

The Year 8 Company  have been rehearsing over Zoom rehearsals with with huge commitment and energy. The Year 9 Company rehearsed right up to Thursday in masks and separated by a grid marked out on the Drama Studio floor. They left school buzzing after a fantastic run of the whole show.









The plan for the performances and final rehearsals/ Tech rehearsals are still being finalised. It is not known what January will bring and plans may need to be revised, but the show will happen and it looks set to be a magical, wonderful occasion! Performers will keep working on their lines and mapping out their stage journeys over the holiday, so the students can really hit the ground running when they return.

The School would like to thank Mr Hammond for arranging such beautiful sound and music and to Simone for working so hard on all the costumes.