48 pupils from Years 10, 12 and 13 set off on Saturday 11 February to Les Deux Alpes.

A hiatus of two years for the Senior Ski Trip meant that the beginners’ group was much larger than usual. However, they all got stuck in and made excellent progress, with the most improved skier award going to Arjuna (10R1). All pupils enjoyed lessons every day to improve their confidence and technique and had free time afterwards to put what they had learnt into practice. By the end of the week, the standard of skiing across all groups was most impressive, with the Ski King award, selected by the instructor of the advanced group, going to Jeff (10R2). Two further awards were presented at the end of the week: Skiier of the Tour (pupil vote) went to Yuhki (10H2) and Man of the Tour (staff vote) went to Albie (10C2).  

We were fortunate to enjoy a full week of bright sunshine under cloudless skies and even more lucky that the slopes and the snow remained in excellent condition. However, the region is in desperate need of some fresh snow soon or it will be a very short season this year. The pupils coped with the physical demands of a week’s skiing admirably and did themselves and the school great credit in the way they conducted themselves throughout the week. There was a positive and inclusive atmosphere at all times – it was a pleasure to take the students away.  

Special thanks to Dr Hobbs, Miss Barron, Mr Hardman, Miss Harrison, Mr Lee and Mr Simm for accompanying the trip and for all their hard work to ensure that it was organised and ran smoothly.