Congratulations to Alex (11C1) and Oliver (11M2) who earned silver medals in the Braben Cup (formerly the Perse Programming Competition). This is a National programming competition hosted by the Perse School in Cambridge.

Composed of two rounds, the first round of the competition had the teams share a single computer to complete a set of 12 challenges in 40 minutes. Alex and Oliver were not together for the first round, but both achieved full marks! Out of 7,500 students participating in round one, only the top 25% were invited to round two.

In the second round of competition, students were expected to complete another 12 challenges – far more complex – within an hour. Participants were allowed to create a team, comprising of no more than three people with only two Year 10 or 11 students. Oliver and Alex partnered up for the second round and scored a fantastic score of 104 out of 120, placing them second in the whole competition!

Well done, Alex and Oliver. Well done also to Devarshi (11J2) and Rajarshi (11J2), who achieved a distinction for being in the top 25% of second round entrants with a score of 75/120 and to Dawei (11C) and Niccolo (11S1), who achieved a merit for being in the top 50% of second round entrants with a score of 47/120.