On Monday 22 March, 100 boys from Years 9-12 and their parents joined a Zoom call to hear about applying to study in America. Mr Gray, the Aske-Princeton Fellow, provide an excellent overview of the process.

Key to success in applying to America is selecting the right school and the University Applications Office is available to support future applicants in making the decision in where to apply.

He also highlighted the importance of knowing the reason for wanting to study at a certain American college and suggested flexibility was a key advantage to the US system. Tamilore Awosile (OH 2019) joined the call from Stanford where he is currently studying. He explained how and why he had decided to study in America. He felt that the broad curriculum offered huge potential and would allow him to develop academically as well as musically. He has taken courses in Nigerian politics as well as coding where he developed a new skill.

Life in California has been really exciting with the opportunity to meet entrepreneurs from Silicon Valley as well as perform in concerts in LA. Tamilore also had the opportunity to study as an exchange student at Oxford as part of his degree.

The prospect of studying abroad is really exciting and the School looks forward to supporting anyone who would like to make an American University Application in the future.