Over the summer holidays, four Year 11 students were hosted by Accomplish Financial for a week-long work experience placement. This is the third year that Accomplish have run this programme and the school is incredibly grateful for their time and expertise as they provided a fantastic experience for our students. The school would also like to thank Old Haberdasher, Simon Bradley, who is Head of Partnerships at Accomplish.

One student involved, Shaylan Pancholi, said:

I really enjoyed my time at Accomplish Financial , it allowed me to carefully think about what the future will look like, especially interactions in the financial world. How people will pay, be paid and how the advancements in technology will further change our lives. Together as a group we worked to create a new product that would implement the functionality of a credit card into a light, easy to use wristband. I valued my experience there and appreciated the opportunity.

Another student, Eshan Dave, commented:

The program was very engaging and thought-provoking, as it made me consider both the current world as well as the future world of finance. For me, the moment which piqued my interest was when we were discussing financial security, and considered, as a group of students, about having fingerprint recognition on credit cards, and as we reported back to Simon he then pulled out a card that essentially matched our concept with the fingerprint technology. It was fascinating to see that what we considered as futuristic was already being trialled by Accomplish Financial, and so we then recognised that actually, the use of the metaverse, and other futuristic concepts that we discussed, were already being developed. This meant that our future goals were very realistic, and so the work we did could directly influence how we would interact with the financial world in the future.